May 30, 2014

IKEA Home Organisation Haul

Hi Everyone,

I promised a few posts back to update you guys on why I've been a bit absent for a few months, so here it is: I started a new job quite far from where I live, went travelling and then we moved house! One of these things on its own would have been tough, yet bearable, but all together? I'm only just finding my feet again. It happened to turn into one of the most stressful moves I've ever done, mostly because the new house needs a lot of work done to it. Most of our things are still in boxes, being moved from one room to the other as I attempt to DIY as much as possible. I'll be posting more about that in future posts. Today is something I've been meaning to share with you guys for a long time: my first haul for the new home! I'm so excited! These products are all from Ikea so also easily accessible!


One of the main things I needed to pick up was some shelving for extra storage, so I went ahead and grabbed the ones closest to the dimensions I required (I measured, re-measured and re-re-measured, I've made that mistake before!). As well as this, I picked up two sets of Skubb boxes and one larger clear plastic box. The clear plastic box was simply for extra storage (more on this later) but the Skubb boxes are amazing organisational tools to hold small bits, whilst sneakily hiding the clutter. I picked up a purple set of 6 individual boxes to add small pops of colour whilst adding some organisation, as well as a connected white Skubb drawer organiser for extra organisation inside drawers. 

Finally, the ombre set of orange candles caught my attention on the way out the door. They appear to have a pumpkin on the sticker, but don't let that fool you - they smell of fields of oranges, and can actually fill the room with fragrance, not bad at all, considering a price of under £3.

Have you got any sneaky organisation tricks up your sleeve? Leave me a comment below and let me know,

Much Love,

<3 Anki

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