August 31, 2015

The Budget Face Cleasing Brush

We're all familiar with the Clarisonic - the 'original' cleansing brush with claims of a deeper cleanse, it's a beauty gadget I've had an eye on for a long, long time. But, with prices starting at a cool £99, I've been hesitant to splash the cash, just to try something new. So, the above face brush, purchased a few months back for a mere £19.99 from the budget supermarket Lidl, was a very exciting moment for me.

The brush itself is pretty impressive for the price, featuring two settings: a circular rotation for a gentle cleanse and an oscillating setting for a thorough cleanse, with two additional speed settings which can be used with either feature. It also comes with three standard brush heads, which is a pretty important feature, considering there are no additional brush heads for sale.

I must admit, I was a little sceptical but was proven pleasantly wrong! The brush does provide an exceptional clean, in fact at the first few cleanses, it managed to remove makeup even after a triple cleanse! It leaves my skin incredibly soft, but it must be noted it is possible to overdo it. The best technique I've found for my overly sensitive skin has been to use the 'gentle' rotating feature, making sure to move the brush very quickly over the face and neck - hold it in one place too long and be prepared for a red patch to rival all angry red patches. Aside from this, I must admit it was an amazing buy which has quickly become a staple in my night time routine.

Recently, I spotted another model from the same company, also available at Lidl, at an even friendlier price of £9.99. The brush appears to have the exact same features, with the same number of brush heads, but with differing softness depending on your skin type i.e. sensitive, normal and harsh bristles. Since I had previously purchased the £19.99 offering, I didn't pick this one up but might be tempted in the future if replacement brush heads don't materialise.

If you decide to give either of these products a whirl, leave me a comment below letting me know how you got on :)

Anki <3

August 29, 2015

Review: Essie Mint Candy Apple

Safe to say Essie's Mint Candy Apple has been the blogger Spring/Summer nail colour of choice for a few years. On a recent holiday, I decided to pick one up on a whim and see what all the fuss was about. It was kind of big moment for me as it's the first Essie polish I've ever picked up, so fingers crossed.

First, let's start with the colour: a soft mint colour, this polish is actually a little greener than I was expecting - definitely no hint of baby blue as you might expect from the bottle. It's a colour I was a little on the fence about, mostly since I found it looked very different in different lighting - I loved it during the day in bright, natural light (as seen above), but during the night time the tone appears less mint and more a strange shade of light green. Honestly, it's not so much of an issue considering the longer daylight hours in the summer, but this depends on personal preference.

I found the formula was opaque but a little streaky, so it needs at least two to three coats to get a perfect finish - definitely surprising as I'm used to being able to get a perfect polish in one coat with my less expensive drugstore brands. However, in this case I feel the importance is placed more on the shade rather than the formulation as I have yet to find a close dupe by another brand (believe me, I've tried).

All in all, definitely mixed reactions, but I would be interested in trying other Essie polishes to compare formulation.

Have you guys ever tried Essie Mint Candy Apple? What did you think of it?

Anki <3
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