February 27, 2016

Five Simple Tips for keeping your New Year's Resolutions throughout the Year

It's getting towards the end of February and while many of us started the New Year with a ream of resolutions, as the cold starts setting in it can be easy to forget exactly why we chose to make those promises in the first place. Here are five simple tips for staying on track and keeping your goals alive throughout the year:

1. Only commit to what you can do. After a few of weeks of maintaining your resolutions, you may find its too much change to incorporate into your daily routine, too quickly. At this point, you could re-evaluate the resolutions most important to you and either leave the rest for next year, or stagger them so you add a new resolution every few months. This breaks down your goals into smaller, manageable pieces.

2. Write down your resolutions and share them with a friend. Research has shown making a commitment verbally and in writing means you are more likely to keep it. Share your resolutions with a trusted friend or family member, then make sure to write down your goals and motivations somewhere you will view them on a regular basis.

3. Give yourself a break. It's Ok to have an off day or a small treat, enjoy it and don't let it discourage you from continuing to reach your goals. Everything in moderation.

4. Remember why you started. If you're really having a tough time keeping to your goals or routine, look back at your motivations to remind yourself why this resolution is so important to you. If this doesn't help, review your goals - are you expecting to do too much too quickly? You could try introducing a new resolution a month to break them into easier chunks.

5. Start in the middle of the week. For routines where you will have a rest or cheat day incorporated, such as on a weekend, by starting closer to this day you only have to maintain a new habit for a short amount of time before getting a reward for all your hard work. This then sets you up nicely for the next week and into the future.

Did you try any of the tips above? Let me know in the comments below

Photo credit: weheartit
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